One of the the smacking novels I’v ever read is” The SKI Bum” an enjoyable story about a young boy named Lenni the story was titled ”Adieu Gary Cooper’ goodbye Gary Cooper

Lenni was a boy who have different obstacle into life , HE ran from US & came to Switzerland in the Alpine mountains , he was beautiful boy that everyone known him as someone has Garry cooper likeness … but in my mind he should has a face like Jungkook from BTS a blond one with a little more masculinity just little , since he was cute, and pretty & also had very cute quotes such as : ((my father killed himself in one of the countries that forced to be found. I mean,It means geography. my father sacrifices herself for geography )) Woow ❤

Lenni believed language make a wall between people ,he’d made a friend once . the friend ‘s name was Ozi and he couldn’t speak English at first but after 3 month he learnt well 😦 ,naturally their friendship comes to an end …!



haha ke ke ke curse to dream ,this word makes my life such a shame, make me a stupid ,jobless someone without an achievement , happiness not a word in my world, born with shame, u can call me shame borne ………………………………………………..

fortune teller

lately I’v been told that I will have failed all my dreams , he answered all of my question with ( he he, lol) It couldn’t be happened never ever( kind of)

Iv been told he is so practical so he wasn’t wrong , but he said truly that I’m too old even for dreaming but i can’t stop it , its kind of parasite inside me that increasing non stop, moving in every back ground & branch it want to fly to took it .

unfortunately i’m too weak to reach them even follow then i cant achieve them even one of those , Master told me: only thing u can do is a marriage even not with someone u desire just someone disgusting ,.

other humiliated sentence from mystic was” i don’t know how someone in ur age think like seven years old child” but i just disclosed my heart because i m too tired of my failing life , because i am stuffed from fear …

last question

Mystic i don’t want see people who l love die this thought will kill me …( u will have longest age trough ur family ….)

now I’v cried for 2 hours for the youth that i’v lost, for losing time , losing time of wishing,Since there is no permission for dreaming,last hour i thought if i could return to the time if i back to childhood i would be make it in other way ..sigh, though i never have the potential to fulfill my decision…

what can i do now, nothing ! I’d believed him but i cant take it though he was so believable, i even met him for the second time , i don’t know why , what i expect from him he’d answered me before!? furthermore God split the sea for Moses, he is the most powerful…

but i hope previous condition back , still cant take it , i wish my memory will be cleared …

climate change

one of world top news on twitter is :

16 years old climate change activist nominated for Noble peace prize, there are two problem for me right now , At first if climate change is a big issue or it is just natural regulation of universe , the pollution increase and of course extension of greenhouse gases caused global warming , yes ,but all of those exaggeration back to politics an politicians

but other points that i want explain it in to part 1. Noble peace prize is a cost less prize & the girl maybe worth more& the second we shouldn’t worry nature always keeps its balance ::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::)